Partners and Suppliers


Partnerships in Progress

Every project we take on depends upon many teams working together to arrive at its ultimate success.  Without our extremely valued partnerships with contractors of all kinds, we would never be able to accomplish the work we do with such efficiency and effectiveness.  Always looking for ways to support local business, we constantly enlist the services of the best suppliers and establishments in the area surrounding the bases we serve.  Together, we then operate as one seamless organization, sharing the common goal of providing the greatest possible service for our military’s installations.  Since we often join forces with veteran-owned businesses for our operations, we’re able to offer even more of that singular appreciation for the specific needs of the bases and people we serve.  ASUS is both proud and grateful to have forged these strong, lasting relationships, knowing that we can depend on their valuable contribution to our daily efforts and all future endeavors.

To successfully fulfill our mission of “Serving Those Who Serve”, we realize that our relationship with our suppliers is vital.  If you would like to partner with ASUS, please review the information in one of the sections to the left. For your reference, we define Vendors as suppliers that provide goods and services at an off-site location or facility; subcontractors, meanwhile, provide goods and services on-site. We look forward to working with you in the future!