ASUS Adresses the COVID-19 Virus


Thu, March 19, 2020 -Tagged with: communitycorporate cultureenvironment

ASUS provides a critical function to our customers by delivering safe and reliable water and wastewater services throughout our communities served.  In order to do that effectively, we are doing our part to ensure that our employees and our customers are safe and healthy. 

Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented event and challenges. Like you, ASUS is deeply committed to doing our part to help keep our communities and families safe and healthy.  From the onset of this event, we have been tracking the appropriate government source guidance, and our preparedness plan reflects those inputs. As things evolve, we are actively monitoring the situation and assessing risks, and are ready to implement immediate changes and deploy assistance to ensure the highest level of health safeguards are in place.  Our commitment to servicing our customers remains unwavering, even at times of unease, and you can continue to be confident in the services ASUS provides. The spread of COVID-19 may necessitate changes in the way we interact, but it does not change what we do.  ASUS will continue to operate and deliver the same quality tap water as well as wastewater services that we have been providing for decades.

Important facts to know:

  – The World Health Organization (WHO) stated COVID-19 virus has not been detected in  drinking water supplies, and the risk to water supplies is low.

  – The World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that current disinfection methods utilized at water and wastewater treatment facilities are effective at controlling the COVID-19 virus.

  – ASUS is fully prepared, with established protocols, to continue operations not only during severe weather events, but also during public health events.

A few examples of what we are doing in support:

– Prepared to adjust response plans as needed to ensure continuity of operations and are taking the following initial actions to keep our customers, team members, partners, contractors, and vendors safe and healthy:

 – Ensuring your tap water is available, plentiful, and safe.

 – Reviewing critical job functions and preparing for major incident responses if needed.

  – Activated Response Team oversight and pandemic protocols.

  – Instituted social distancing and teleworking groups to reduce risk for critical field staff members.

  – Increased cleaning and PPE protocols where necessary.

  – Continually monitoring disinfection levels in treated water and wastewater to ensure compliance with public health and environmental standards.

  – Observing all CDC recommendations, including self-quarantine for employees if and when appropriate.

  – Freezing all business travel not critical to supporting system operations.

  – Using remote and virtual methods to meet with customers and vendors to every extent possible.

What we are asking our customers to do in support:

  – No need to stockpile water bottles- our tap water is safe to drink, and bottled water isn’t necessary. If there was ever a risk to your community system, a boil water advisory would be communicated; however, we are not experiencing that or expecting to at this time.

  – Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the drain- keep the wipes out of the pipes!  Even flushable or disposable wipes or products such as paper towels, tissues, cotton swabs, rags, etc. do not breakdown and can cause clogs in sewer systems.   This not only results in additional maintenance work and undue stress on our systems and treatment plants but can ultimately cause service disruption at your personal residence.

  – Join us in practicing social distancing and community safeguarding practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  – Be patient with our restriction of community interaction, it is a protocol in place to ensure the health of our team members and the continued operational support that is at the core of our responsibility.

  – Give us a wave or thumbs up from a safe distance when you see us out in the field!

We realize this is a challenging time for all, and we remain deeply committed to the health and safety of our customers, team members, and communities. The warfighter remains ever-ready to defend and support our country and we at ASUS are laser-focused on providing the highest level of service to each and every member of our armed forces. We are at awe and humbled by our customers’ resiliency and advancement regardless of adversity or uncertainty and we take great pride in continuing our full commitment to serving those who serve.   We are honored to walk shoulder to shoulder with the United States Military and their families during these uncertain times and look forward to all opportunities to support them ahead.  

ASUS Adresses the COVID-19 Virus