Fort Bliss

*ALERT* East Biggs/Bliss Public Water System Water Quality Alert


Built in 1847, Fort Bliss is one of the nation’s oldest and largest military installations. Spanning 1.2 million acres, the camp is home to the 1st Armored Division and the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command. In late 2004, the U.S. Army selected Fort Bliss Water Services Company (FBWS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUS, as their sole provider for water distribution and wastewater collection by entering into a 50-year privatization contract.

FBWS is our very first subsidiary, responsible for the complete operation and renewal of water resources for this sprawling military base. The company owns and oversees a variety of utility assets, including 1.4 million feet of water piping and over 900,000 feet of wastewater piping; 33 storage tanks with more than 11 million gallons of storage capacity; and 11 wastewater lift stations. Our state-certified operators ensure the safe delivery of all potable water and the secure removal of wastewater, carefully adhering to both local and federal regulations.

On top of these routine responsibilities, FBWS also participates in the construction of major infrastructure projects to further support the growth of Fort Bliss. The service area of FBWS also expands beyond the Fort Bliss main cantonment in El Paso, TX, providing additional coverage for the Dona Ana, MacGregor, and Myers Range Camps in southeastern New Mexico. With a deep commitment to customer care, FBWS works diligently to protect every drop of water. As a utility provider, we constantly analyze our distribution and collection systems to determine which areas might need repair, replacement, or even supplementary facilities. FBWS also puts a strong focus on water efficiency, actively providing educational outreach for customers to further encourage better resource management.

We at FBWS are proud to be able to provide our services to the 92,000 military personnel, civilians, and family members who live and work at Fort Bliss. We are honored to support the role these people play in defending the country, both at home and abroad.