Eglin Air Force Base


Located along the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida is Eglin Air Force Base, the largest base in the United States Air Force. Home to the 96th Test Wing and the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate, the base spans portions of Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties in Florida. In late 2016, Emerald Coast Utility Services, Inc. (ECUS), a wholly owned subsidiary of ASUS, was selected as the sole provider for water distribution and wastewater collection by entering into a 50-year privatization contract.

 ECUS owns and oversees a variety of utility assets not only on the main base, but also on a variety of outlying areas, to include Duke Field, the 7th Special Forces Group, and various East and West Range sites. Our state-certified operators ensure the safe delivery of all potable water and the secure removal of wastewater, carefully adhering to both local and federal regulations. With a deep commitment to customer care, ECUS works diligently to protect every drop of water. As a utility provider, we constantly analyze our distribution and collection systems to determine which areas might need repair, replacement, or even supplementary facilities. ECUS also puts a strong focus on water efficiency, actively providing educational outreach for customers to further encourage better resource management.

We at ECUS are proud to be able to provide our services to the military personnel, civilians, and family members who live and work at Eglin Air Force Base and its surrounding facilities. We are honored to support the role these military installations play in defending the country, both at home and abroad.