Environmental Stewardship

Creating sustainable solutions

Facing a number of environmental concerns, the Government has set many conservation goals for its military establishments. As a utility privatization partner for these installations, ASUS has the unique opportunity to create innovative ways for the military to meet these goals, and we are proud to play a major role in this extremely important sustainability endeavor.

When working with such a precious resource as water, it is our responsibility to continue developing these initiatives – not only for efficiency’s sake, but for the well-being of our entire country’s future. We have targeted a number of methods for usage conservation, including stormwater management, overflow reduction, and minimizing potable water consumption.

The statistical results of these tactics have been astounding. In hard numbers, ASUS’ capital improvement and operations/management programs have effected more than $3 million in annual water commodity and wastewater effluent savings for the military. These savings also have a positive effect on electric energy conservation. Considering it takes about 1,500 kilowatt hours (kWh) to treat 1 million gallons of water to appropriate regulatory standards, ASUS has achieved the following since 2014:

643,000 kWh for water distribution x ($.12/kWh) = $77,160/year in cost savings

1,581,200 kWh wastewater treatment x ($.12/kWh) = $189,745/year in cost savings

Our contracts provide all of these savings directly to the installation served. We take pride in our commitment to improving each and every installation, as these improvements in efficiency permeate beyond the base to assist conservation on a national scale.