Economic Responsibilty


Why we like it small and local

Our culture is based on the same qualities that guide small businesses: a strong work ethic, integrity, and mission support. Since our organization’s founding several years ago, we have not forgotten the importance of small businesses and their positive impacts on our communities. Consequently, we put an emphasis on creating opportunities for a variety of businesses that may not have the advantages of larger corporations.  These include women-owned firms, low-revenue establishments, and veteran-owned enterprises, as well as those located in historically under-utilized business zones.

Through networking, event sponsorships, and active participation in industry associations, we reach out to small and local businesses to find and create opportunities for mentoring, education, and even collaboration on our own projects. In every way possible, we want to play an active role in improving the quality of life in both the business and military communities where we work and live.

Click here to learn more about the ASUS Small Business and Supplier Diversity Program Initiative.