What We do

What We Do

From Breaking Ground to Dedicated Service

ASUS is committed to offering the best in utility services for all of our military installations.  This means overseeing not just the day-to-day operation of the bases’ water and wastewater systems, but also constant maintenance, implementation of system improvements and construction of new infrastructure to support base expansion and growth.

To achieve this, we rely not only on our dedicated, full-time personnel of over 150 highly-qualified operators, engineers, and managers; we are also constantly collaborating with subcontractors and partnering with local businesses to make sure we have the best possible support in every endeavor.

No matter the project, we pride ourselves on always adhering to strict state and federal guidelines regarding safety and conservation.  To this end, we hold all of our collaborators to that same high standard, making sure that every undertaking delivers optimal results.

Our approach is simple: by bringing together the very best, we’re able to offer nothing less.  That’s not just a mission – that’s a promise.